Cleaning Hacks for Your Home

Lemon's are a great natural cleaner and have the added benefit of smelling great too! Learn more cleaning hacks below that involve lemons.

Cleaning Hacks for Your Home Cleaning the house can be a chore. When you think of cleaning, you probably imagine vacuums, spray bottles of chemicals, rubber gloves and hours of scrubbing. Consequently, we are here to change all that! There are trade secrets that make our lives easier and your house cleaner.    With this… Continue reading Cleaning Hacks for Your Home

Keep a Clean House Over Summer Vacation

As they say, "Schools out for the summer!" Here are some ways to keep a clean house over summer. vacation

Keep a Clean House Over Summer Vacation It’s almost time for summer vacation again. Whether you have young kids that are out of school or older kids that are returning home from college, one thing is for sure:  There will be a mess. But, try not to stress out too much, because there are a… Continue reading Keep a Clean House Over Summer Vacation

Spring Cleaning Purge List

After a long winter cooped up inside, it is spring cleaning time! And while for some this is a daunting job, it is our favorite season. This is a great time to go through your home and declutter and organize. We have a spring cleaning purge list that will take the chore out of this annual task. So, set aside some time on the weekend and let’s get to it. You will be surprised at what you can accomplish!

Keeping Dirt Out of the House

Keeping Dirt Out of the House Who wants a cleaner house? It is a question most of us would answer with a resounding, “YES!” We have a few strategies for keeping dirt out of the house that while simple, make a big difference.  Many take only a few minutes, and most are budget friendly. So,… Continue reading Keeping Dirt Out of the House

Quick Pre-Party Clean-Up Tips

Quick Pre-Party Clean-Up Tips The best part of life is sharing it with those you love around you. Yet, we have this guilt when it comes to showing our friends and family a dirty house. We understand. That is why we have put together pre-party clean-up tips. 1. Focus on High-Traffic Areas Our your energy… Continue reading Quick Pre-Party Clean-Up Tips

First-Time House Cleaning – Things To Consider

First-Time House Cleaning – Things To Consider The professional cleaning teams of Spouses Cleaning Houses deliver excellent home cleaning service to compliment your specific requests. We take the time to listen and determine what the most appropriate services are for your needs. We have many clients that are getting their first-time house cleaning. Prior to your… Continue reading First-Time House Cleaning – Things To Consider

Stress Relief in Cleaning

While your yoga mat may be preferred, cleaning can also help destress. Learn how a clean house can be a stress relief to you!

It almost sounds contradictory. Cleaning a.k.a. house chores can be a stress relief! Honestly, simple chores like cleaning your dishes can help promote mindfulness. Likewise, decluttering and cleaning your home can give you some much needed stress relief. It makes sense too. Once your house is clean, that is one less thing you need to worry about. Let’s still keep in mind, that it isn’t necessary on the top of our fun list, but here are some simple things you could do to get started.

Mixing Cleaning Products – Warning

When it comes down to basics, cleaning products are chemicals. If we learned one thing from science class, is know what you are mixing before you hurt yourself. It is important to use the right products when cleaning around the house. However, be careful mixing cleaning products together. Some mixtures can have harmful effects on furniture, table tops, and even you! Here is a list of chemicals to avoid mixing.