House Cleaners now tackles dirt in Delaware, Re-introducing Spouses Cleaning Houses for Middletown, Delaware!

When it comes to cleaning, Ed and Rebecca Wright know a thing or two. Or three!

Annapolis based Spouses Cleaning Houses’ Ed and Rebecca Wright now lead the charge against dirty, messy residential homes by  eradicating dust and dirt in the Middletown, Delaware area. Ed and Rebecca have waged war against grit and grime by expanding their cleaning services business from the Annapolis, Maryland territory into the growing and thriving town of Middletown.

We spoke with these residential cleaning experts and CEO’s to get the scoop on venturing into the Middletown area.

Splash: What brought you into Middletown and what do you like best about it?

Ed: Our experience with the Middletown area and how community oriented they are, experiencing and seeing the growth in Middletown and what’s happening.

I think they’re pretty progressive as far as how they’re going about their growth plan and putting the Middletown area on the map, and the Delaware or Tri-state area. That in itself is what made me want to have a business in Middletown.

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Splash: How did you hear about the Middletown area if you were in Annapolis?

Ed: We became familiar with Middletown a couple of ways. One was that we would travel through that way to get to the 95 corridor. And then also, with us living only 30 miles from Middletown, it was a town that we would frequent for shopping and those kinds of things.

Splash: OK, How about you Rebecca, any thoughts on coming into Middletown?

Rebecca: I’m a massage therapist as well and I used to work at the spa there, La Dolce Vita, off of Main St. and that’s another reason I was aware of Middletown.

Splash: Awesome! So you like the flavor of it, you like the feeling, the people?

Rebecca: I love it! I told Ed, I really love it. It’s very family oriented. The people there just love you. We really love Middletown.

Splash: Awesome, Yeah, it’s definitely growing it’s one of the fastest growing areas for sure.

So, tell us about your experience or transition moving into Middletown. When you first brought Spouses Cleaning Houses into Middletown. How was that ?

Ed: we haven’t done a grand opening or anything yet. We’ve  kind of delayed it to get some energy behind the base that we wanted to serve. However, we’ve been able to have different experiences with the Middletown proper and the customer base.

Because we feel it’s a little different base than we’re accustomed to. It’s a little more diverse, a little mix of cultures, which is a good thing. We embrace that. We’re learning how to adjust to it since it’s a little different than the makeup we’ve been used to for the last 20 years in Annapolis.

Splash: How long have you been in Middletown?

Ed: We started the framework in October or November and we had our first customer there in March. So, we’ve only been on the ground in Middletown about 3 months.

Splash: Since coming to Middletown, have you done any outreach, anything noteworthy or specific?

Ed: We’ve been doing networking through the chamber. My goal this month iis to make that my home base instead of coming to Annapolis. I want to start getting around town and meeting people through the chamber, get some exposure, and do some of the same things that helped us get Annapolis together.

Ed and Rebecca Wright are the owners and CEO’s of Spouses Cleaning Houses with locations in Maryland and Delaware.

They can be contacted for more information or to schedule a residential cleaning:

Maryland Location: (410) 571-9428 and Delaware Location: (302) 566-0046.

Visit them online at

Also connect with them on Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Twitter

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