Did you know that Rebecca Wright from Spouses Cleaning Houses is a massage therapist?

Mike and Trisha Fox, owners of Splash Designworks recently had the privilege of talking to Rebecca and finding out some interesting and fun facts about her. Let’s meet Rebecca!

Rebecca Has Always Loved Cleaning!

When asked if Rebecca had always liked cleaning, she had this to say: “Actually I always cleaned since I was a little girl. I was the maid of the house, so they called me Cinderella. I had no problem with cleaning. It was something my mom instilled in us about how to clean. So when Ed’s friend had brought the idea to us, about doing cleaning for the military housing, I was like, ‘Hey, let’s jump on it. I’m down for it. I have no problem with the cleaning.’”

Rebecca Transitioned From Massage Therapist To Full Time Cleaning

Before coming to Middletown called La Vita, she had worked for many years as a Massage Therapist prior to transitioning to her and her husband’s full time cleaning business. She says she wasn’t nervous about the transition because it was something she was already used to doing. She had absolutely no problem cleaning in front of clients. “Cleaning was always just something that came naturally to me,” Rebecca says. “So I really wasn’t that nervous.”

She Loves the “Field Work” and “Hands-On” Part Of The Job

She mentioned that she likes working in the background and being a supporter. She’s more of the “field work” type person – she is more hands-on in that way. She enjoys working with the employees and things of that nature, and she enjoys being supportive to her husband. She says, “I just jumped right into it, no questions. That’s just me – whatever comes, I just go for it. I deal more with the field work stuff. I deal more with the employees, the cleaners, hands-on. Ed deals more with the office. You know, the admin stuff.”

Loves the Middletown Area

Rebecca has been used to the Annapolis area, but also mentioned that she loves the Middletown area. She likes the atmosphere and diversity – she says it’s new and refreshing to her. She also mentioned she loves the family/community atmosphere there. “I love it! I told Ed, I really love it. It’s very family-oriented. The people there just love you. We really love Middletown.”

More Facts About Rebecca

When asked to tell a little about herself and what she likes to do, she said: “I’m a giver. I always have been a giver. I’m a people person, a nurturing person. I do like to go out and shop somewhat – I don’t do too much shopping, but I do like to go shopping sometimes. I like to go on vacation, spending time with family.” She also mentioned that she’s not into sports as much.

Family Is Important!

Ed and Rebecca just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in June. Rebecca loves being supportive to her husband, and they enjoy working together. They had 5 kids but now have 4 after tragically going through the loss of a son in 2017. They have 7 grand-kids that are full of life and are keeping them young.

Her Favorite Vacation Spot!

Rebecca said that one of her more recent favorite vacation spots she’d been to was the Dominican Republic. She said, “The place I enjoyed the most of the recent ones was the Dominican Republic. There was an all day tour that we went on that was just phenomenal. I really enjoyed that. To get to explore the Dominican, and the history of it.”

What Makes Spouses Cleaning Houses Different From Other Cleaning Services?

Rebecca explains what makes their company different from other cleaning service companies: “We’re different from a franchise. Having that personal touch is key. Because we still have original customers that have been with us from the beginning, so having that personal touch is key vs. franchises that have a very high turnover. That’s what makes us different.”

Spouses Cleaning Houses Is Now Serving The Middletown, Delaware Area

Spouses Cleaning Houses has been serving the Annapolis, MD area for over 20 years. They have recently added services in the Middletown, DE area as well. They offer a wide range of services that can be scheduled as a recurring service, one time service, move in/move out service, etc, They can accommodate almost any cleaning requests, so just ask! 🙂 So if you live in the Annapolis, MD or Middletown, DE areas, remember Spouses Cleaning Houses for all your cleaning needs.

Ed and Rebecca Wright are the owners and CEO’s of Spouses Cleaning Houses with locations in Maryland and Delaware.

They can be contacted for more information or to schedule a residential cleaning:

Maryland Location: (410) 571-9428 and Delaware Location: (302) 566-0046.

Visit them online at www.spousescleaninghouses.com

Also connect with them on Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Twitter

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