The 10 Dirtiest Places in Your Home

10 Dirtiest Places in Your Home include light switches
Everyone touches them so it only makes since they have many germs. Make sure to clean frequently and especially if anyone in the house is sick.

Every homeowner has a routine cleaning schedule. You know what areas of your home get messy and what to do to clean them. You pick up clothes off the floor, wipe down kitchen counters, and sweep and mop the floors. But are you truly cleaning your home? You may be surprised that the dirtiest places in your home are being overlooked. Read on to find the top ten dirtiest areas and what to do to achieve a sparkling clean. (Hint: it isn’t always the kids’ room.)

1. Sink Faucets

One area of the home that gets dirty is sink faucets. Because water comes out of the faucet, you most likely will have a build-up of mildew gunk. So, every few months you can take the aerator out of the faucet in your bathroom and kitchen and soak it in vinegar. You want to keep this piece clean as it is where your water comes from and when dirty, it can affect your overall health.

2. Handles/Light Switches

The handles of appliances, like the refrigerator, toilet, and light switches, can be germ breeders and honestly win the blue ribbon for dirtiest places in your home. These are areas that people in your home touch daily. Use a cloth with a cleaning product to wipe down handles and light switches on a regular basis to remove germs.

3. Top of Furniture/Kitchen Cabinets

Areas that are often neglected in the home are those that are too high to see. Kitchen cabinets that do not reach the ceiling are often covered in dust, mice nests and more. Even the top of furniture, such as bookshelves, can have a build-up of dust. Use a hose attachment of a vacuum to clean these hard to reach places.

4. The Bathtub/Shower

Remote Control - 10 Dirtiest Places in Your Home
This is another item that tops the list of dirtiest places in your home because of the frequency of use and how many people touch it.

In the shower and bathtubs of your home, you can easily find a ring of dirt or grime. Not to mention, bacteria, mold, and fungus can grow in the tub and shower. Be sure to dry off the surface after each use to prevent bacteria growth. Disinfecting should take place at least once if not three times a week.

5. Clean Out the Refrigerator

We are all guilty of leaving old food in the refrigerator. However, the fridge should be cleaned out on a regular basis to avoid stinky leftovers and to make room for new foods. Be sure to clean it out at least once a week to prevent the need for a regular deep clean.

6. Kitchen Sink

While we mentioned the faucet aerator earlier, the kitchen sink should also be cleaned well each day. The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) found you are most likely to think your bathroom is the dirtiest places in your home, but really it is the kitchen. Food particles and beverages are placed in the sink daily. Use soap and water to disinfect the sink once or twice a week on top of regular rinsing.

7. Remote Controls

We touch our TV remotes every single day but do not think about how dirty they might be. Use a Clorox wipe or other cleaning tool to wipe the remotes down on a regular basis to avoid the spread of germs.

8. Toilet Walls

While everyone thinks a toilet is a dirty place in the home, it is actually the walls that surround the toilet that should be of concern. Splashes from using the bathroom occur, which results in less than appealing messes on the walls. A cleaner with enzymes should be utilized in this area, sprayed and then left to work for a little while. Use a wet towel to remove the cleaner and allow the area to air dry.

9. Around the Stove

The oven is the main cooking appliance of the home. Because of the usage, behind the oven, above and beside the appliance can become quite dirty. The stove should be pulled out from time to time, and the area cleaned accordingly.

10. Toothbrush Holder

If you use a toothbrush holder in the home, you have most likely seen the white grime left behind from brushing your teeth regularly. Be sure to clean the holder on a weekly basis to keep the holder nice and clean.

Of course, it’s a completely different story if you have pets. If you find that it’s too overwhelming to keep the whole house clean all the time, have a cleaning service come in once or twice a month. Spouses Cleaning Houses can help you get the dirtiest places in your home clean and shiny. Contact us today to schedule a cleaning appointment. We feel everyone should be able to enjoy a clean home.