Happy Mother's Day to my Beautiful Wife


Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful wife! My wife Rebecca is definitely the heart of our home. She is strong, determined and keeps me on track! She also works full time, runs our house and is a fabulous mother to our kids and an even better grandmother to our grandkids. I am definitely blessed!


So, when Mother’s Day rolls around each year it is only right that I acknowledge her and all she does for our family all year long.


Each year I try to come up with ideas for Mother’s Day that will show her how much I appreciate her, and give her a day she will love. I thought it might be nice if I shared some of those ideas with those of you who are struggling to come up with a great way to show your wife how special she is to you. 

So here are a few ideas for you to consider for Mother’s Day:

  1. Breakfast in Bed – It’s a classic and you really can’t go wrong with it! Consider her favorite foods and serve them to her in bed and then just let her lounge in bed as long as she wants when she is done.
    PRO TIP – Chocolate for breakfast is never a bad idea on Mother’s Day!!
  2. Play Tourist for the Day – Does she have a favorite place to go that you rarely or never get the opportunity to go to? A museum, aquarium, gallery, live theatre or animal sanctuary maybe? Mother’s Day is the perfect time to just pretend you are tourists in your own city and spend the day going to some of her favorite spots. Here are a few ideas.
  3. Perfect Pampering – What woman doesn’t love to be pampered? This one gives a wide range of opportunities to show her how special she is on Mother’s Day! A spa gift certificate, or a home spa day provided by you! You don’t need to be a pro, but a massage, bath with essential oils or a scalp massage will all help her to relax and feel fully rested!
  4. Creating Memories with the Kid or Grandkids – Ok this one is a bit obvious, but come up with something fun to do as a family – a hike in the woods, planting flowers in pots or creating a garden, going to the zoo, helping them make her a special dinner, etc… There are a ton of ideas out there and lots of places offer discounts for Mother’s Day, making it far more economical. How about a Pirate Adventure?
  5. Write Her a Letter or Poem – Time to step out of your comfort zone. I can’t think of a mom/grandmother anywhere who wouldn’t love to receive a handwritten letter or poem from their spouse for Mother’s Day. It is so personal and lets her know that you actually took the time to think about her and what she means to you and your family. HUGE brownie points for this one!

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