9 Holiday Party Cleaning Tips

Having a holiday party is a fun way to spend time with family, friends, and neighbors, but it’s not so fun when it comes to the holiday party clean up. When in charge of the yearly holiday party, you may be wondering how you are going to handle the clean up once the party is over. Instead of fretting about cleaning up, have fun and use the holiday party cleaning tips below for a quick and easy clean up once everyone has gone home.

Start With a Clean Slate sm

1. Start With a Clean Slate

To make sure you have as little to clean as possible, start off with a clean party space. You may want to bring in a professional cleaning team to give the space a once-over. This will ensure that the house is lovely and tidy before the party begins. Or clean the area yourself to save money, prepping the space for décor, food, and refreshments.

2. Set Out Garbage/Recycling Areas

One way to ensure the night doesn’t end with a complete mess is to set out garbage and recycling cans. Alert the guests to these areas so they can throw away their trash and recyclables instead of leaving plates, cups, and napkins spread throughout. Have a few people assisting you by having them point out where the garbage areas are when people are done with food or drink.

3. Double Lining Those Garbage Bins

A quick trick for your garbage cleanup is to double line or even triple line the garbage bins. Add extra garbage bags so once you empty the can, another empty bag is waiting and ready to go. This will eliminate any additional messes and make it easy for you to clean up any trash.

Double Lining Those Garbage Bins sm

4. Keep Cleaners on Hand

Spills are going to happen. Keep a few all-purpose wipes, a broom, and dustpan handy so that you can clean up any spills. This way, you can take care of little messes throughout the night without having to clean further into the night once the party is over.

5. Focus Your Cleaning

Once the party is over, focus your cleaning efforts. Go for big messes first like picking up food plates and drink cups. You can then place leftovers in the fridge or have the guests take some home with them.
Focus Your Cleaning sm

6. Cleaning Dishes

For some parties, real silverware, glasses, and plates will be used. Have an area set up near the food table where guests can place their dirty dishes once they’re finished with them. You can then go ahead and take groupings of dirty dishes to the kitchen once the plates start piling up. This will help to eliminate long hours of cleaning dishes later on in the evening.

7. Friends & Family

Best party of holidays is friends and family. Use this to your advance during holiday party cleaning time. More hands-on-deck means less time spent cleaning up overall. After all, they helped make the mess, it would be just as great if they helped cleaning it up!

Friends & Family sm

8. Keep It Simple

To keep the clean up to a minimum, try to keep the menu simple. Avoid messy foods and drinks. Instead, have appetizers that are easy to eat and easy to clean up.

Keep It Simple sm

9. Cleaning Service for Holiday Party Cleaning

If the holiday party clean up is just too big for you to handle, hire Spouses Cleaning Houses. Allowing a small crew of cleaners to come in and clean up after the party can save you time and a headache!
Cleaning Service for Holiday Party Cleaning sm

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