13 Facts About Germs That Will Blow Your Mind

13 Facts About Germs That Will Blow Your Mind

Have you ever wondered what’s lurking around in your bathrooms? Or perhaps in your kitchens? Or even something as simple as on your windows?

To answer your question: A whole lot. So, let’s dive in, shall we?


Yes, we know you’re aware of the germs and bacteria that can infiltrate your bathrooms. But there’s a whole lot more to your bathrooms than you think.

  • Globally, around 2.4 million deaths could be prevented annually if everyone practiced appropriate hygiene and had good, reliable sanitation and drinking water.
  • Only one in 20 people washes their hands properly after going to the toilet.
  • 10% of people only clean their bathrooms once a month, while 14% are keeping on top of their cleaning by carrying out the task more than once a week.
  • 52% of females clean their bathrooms, whereas 34% of males do.A study shows that only 14% of people clean out their bathrooms more than once a week,
  • 40% clean their bathrooms once a week, and 30% clean them every two weeks.
  • The dangers of salmonella in toilets can cause stomach cramps, diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting or headaches. Salmonella can be prevented by closing the lid of the toilet before you flush.
  • Paratuberculosis – we know that’s a long word – in showers is very dangerous. It can cause digestive tract lining inflammation, thus causing diarrhoea, nausea, fatigue and weight loss. Paratuberculosis can also be a trigger of Crohn’s disease. It’s spread through the showerhead, so clean it regularly and spray the water before using the shower.

It’s obvious that there are so many things in the bathroom that are neglected. Too busy? Don’t worry. We’ll take care of your house for you.


You guessed it. It’s absolutely necessary for kitchens to be clean, because the food needs to be clean, too. And believe us when we tell you that there are so many itsy-bitsy things you wouldn’t even notice. We notice them for you.

  • Risks of food poisoning might be less in a clean kitchen, but there is still a huge risk based on how kitchen utensils and work surfaces are cleaned, where the food comes from, and how it’s stored.
  • Although salmonella can be spread from raw meat, it has also been found in other foods. These foods include poultry, eggs, unwashed vegetables or fruit, unpasteurized milk and other dairy products.
  • It is proved that, when foods are cooked at extremely high temperatures, regular consumption of high-heat-treated foods can trigger a number of health related issues such as cell deficit, digestive disorders and toxicity as they stay undigested within the stomach for a long time. Who knew cooking could be so risky?
  • Raw and frozen food items can easily get contaminated if kept open for long. When the external surfaces get defrosted and attain 40 – 140 degree F, bacteria present on those surfaces also start to get multiplied rapidly and those outer surfaces become infected even while the inner stratums are still getting defrosted. Crazy but true!
  • Food poisoning spreads when one type of food – mainly raw food – comes in contact with other types of food. Bacteria can also be transferred indirectly. For example: Hands, tools, surfaces, knives, and clothes. Yeesh! Make sure to keep separate chopping boards for raw and cooked foods.
  • The typical sink is dirtier than the toilet. According to the NHS, it contains up to 100,000 times more germs than the toilet.

In summary, it’s a dirty job to clean the house – whether it’s bathrooms, kitchens, dusting, wiping, vacuuming or even windows. But don’t worry. We’ve got your back! Can’t find the time to clean your house? Too busy? You do what you do, and we’ll do what we do.

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