How much do you know about Ed Wright from Spouses Cleaning Houses? Here are amazing and unique facts you need to know about Ed!

Splash Designworks owners Mike and Trisha Fox recently had the pleasure of talking with Ed Wright and finding out some fun and interesting facts about him, his family, and about Spouses Cleaning Houses. Here’s what Splash learned from their exciting interview:

Ed And Rebecca Got Started By Cleaning Military House.
United States Military

Ed and Rebecca got started when Ed was in the military on active duty. He kept a lot of part-time side jobs at that time. But then, Rebecca got the idea to clean military housing as a supplemental income, so that he wouldn’t have to do the other side jobs and they could do the job together.

Ed had a friend that was in the cleaning business that was willing to show them the ropes on what they needed to do to clean military housing. So they started doing it and loved the fact that they could work together. They were even able to include their kids! This worked out well so that Ed no longer had to work other part time jobs on the side.

They continued this for two years on the military base, and once he got out of the military, he decided to transition it into a regular, full-standing business. Ed started the business and got everything up and running, as Rebecca continued working as a massage therapist for a while before coming into the business full time.

Fun Facts You May Not Know About Ed Wright
Ed Wright of Spouses Cleaning Houses

He loves to travel, cook, and eat different foods. He loves his family and he’s very spiritual. “I got my higher faith in God,” Ed says. “Without Him, there is no Ed. I truly believe that.”

Ed considers himself fun-loving, and he loves people, serving, helping others and giving back. Ed and Rebecca are big community givers. He’s been a rotarian for 6-7 years and he’s the current president of his rotary club. He is also a council member for ARCSI at ISSA. ARCSI is the Association for Residential Cleaning Services International. Ed and Rebecca have also been in business together for 23 years.

Crazy, Silly, Fun Fact About EdCelebrate National Donuts Day

Ed said he considers himself a recovering “Donut-holic”. “I’m trying to keep it at bay,” Ed says. “I’m still in recovery.” He did, however, admit to having Krispy Kreme as a friend on Facebook and that he gets their content on his timeline on a regular basis. He also just happened to know when “National Donut Day” was, and even mentioned he may possibly want to open up a donut shop in Middletown someday. 😉

Family Is Very Important To Ed

Family is everything

Ed and Rebecca just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary last Saturday. They had 5 kids but now have 4 after tragically going through the loss of a son in 2017. They have 7 grandkids that are full of life and are keeping them young. Ed had this to say about his grandkids: “Actually, they’re kind of my motivators, because you never know what’s going to happen – if my grandkids are going to be the ones to take over. I don’t know. They motivate us.”

Spouses Cleaning Houses Takes Cleaning Personally

When Ed was asked about what makes Spouses Cleaning Houses different from other cleaning services, this is what he had to say: “We’ve always looked at the business from a personal standpoint, because when we started, it was just us – Rebecca and I. And we still have that personal touch. We’re still actively involved in the company. I think that’s what makes us unique.”


Spouses Cleaning Houses Is Now Serving The Middletown, Delaware Area

Spouses Cleaning Houses has been serving the Annapolis, MD area for over 20 years. They have recently added services in the Middletown, DE area as well. They offer a wide range of services that can be scheduled as a recurring service, one time service, move in/move out service, etc, They can accommodate almost any cleaning requests, so just ask! 🙂 So if you live in the Annapolis, MD or Middletown, DE areas, remember Spouses Cleaning Houses for all your cleaning needs.

Ed and Rebecca Wright are the owners and CEO’s of Spouses Cleaning Houses with locations in Maryland and Delaware.

They can be contacted for more information or to schedule a residential cleaning:

Maryland Location: (410) 571-9428 and Delaware Location: (302) 566-0046.

Visit them online at

Also connect with them on Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Twitter

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