Fine Line Between Cozy and Cluttered

When you have a limited amount of space in a room, you want to keep it cozy while avoiding the dreaded cluttered look. That being said, there is a fine line between cozy and cluttered. And, having a few tips in your arsenal will help you to find a happy medium. Whether you’re decorating your small living room, bedroom or another area of the home, these tips can prevent you from entering into the cluttered and uncomfortable look.

Go Simple

When you’re walking the line between cozy and cluttered, it’s important to keep it simple. Clunky furniture with skirts that obscure the view of the floor can make the room appear closed off and cluttered. Instead, choose taller pieces that are open on the bottom with thin legs to give the room an airier feel. You can also add beautiful photos or artwork, but remember not to overdo it. Just a few pictures scattered about can make a world of difference.

Storage Spacecozy and cluttered storage space

The majority of the items in a room do not need to be out in the open. That being the case, storage space is a must for any small room. Choose a decorative basket to store your items while adding a touch of décor. Also, consider items such as a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf or an entertainment center cabinet that keeps everything tidy and hidden.

Lighting is a Must

Another way to add coziness and comfort to a room is through good lighting. You can use both natural and artificial lighting to help open up a small space. Light allows a room to become brighter and less closed in. If you want to add more natural lighting to a room, try using sheer or partially sheer drapes or curtains over the windows. It will reduce the amount of sunlight while still letting in the perfect amount.

Color Changes Everythingcozy and cluttered warm colored room

You may love dark colors, but your small room does not. One way to make a room appear larger is by adding a mixture of light colors. You can consider adding darker colors in a certain area to add more coziness without closing up the entire room. Remember, lighter colors such as muted tones of white, beige, blue, or brown will open up the room. Also, you can add accent colors with throw pillows and décor.

Don’t Let Clutter Hang Around

As you’re treading that fine line between cozy and cluttered, remember to get rid of unused items in the area on a regular basis. Take time every day to walk through the room and remove anything that doesn’t belong or that you do not need. Throw items away that you’re finished with and find a good place for the items you wish to keep. Just 15 minutes of cleaning a day can make a dramatic difference. Learn how to make cleaning less stressful with our 10 Smart Cleaning Tricks.

Be sure to utilize some of these tips to keep your small space from crossing that dangerous line between cozy and cluttered. That way your smaller living area can maintain an air of beauty, comfort, and style.