Mixing Cleaning Products - Warning

When it comes down to basics, cleaning products are chemicals. If we learned one thing from science class, is know what you are mixing before you hurt yourself. It is important to use the right products when cleaning around the house. However, be careful mixing cleaning products together. Some mixtures can have harmful effects on furniture, table tops, and even you! Here is a list of chemicals to avoid mixing:Mixing Cleaning Products - Warning

  1. Bleach + Alcohol = Chloroform and Muriatic (hydrochloric) Acid
  2. Bleach + Ammonia = Toxic Gas
  3. Bleach + Vinegar = Chlorine Vapor
  4. Vinegar + Hydrogen Peroxide = Peracetic Acid

You can learn more about these and other harmful mixtures here and here. When in doubt, don’t mix any chemicals together.  For example, mixing drain cleaner with more drain cleaner can potentially cause an explosion. You should only use the product in the amount instructed and if the drain still is not clean, call the plumber.

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