Tips for Organizing Kids Playroom

When you have children, the play area can seemingly take over a large part of the home. Even if you try to contain the mess in one room, it can leak out into other rooms if you’re not organized. Luckily, there are several tips and tricks to help you keep the kids’ playroom in order. Hopefully, these tips will allow the kids to play with and find their toys with ease while keeping the area clean.

Label the Storage

Labeling the storage areas for your child/children’s items is a simple yet effective tip. But, what if your children can’t read yet? How will they understand what goes where? Consider using pictures of items on the outside of the storage container. This will help the kids understand where to put the items once they’re done playing with them.

Use Your Child’s View

Organizing tips for kids playroom
Their idea of fun usually means a mess for you!

Get down on your child’s eye level when you’re organizing the playroom. This will allow you to see what your child sees and how the organization looks to them. Put their favorite toys in their eye line so they are easily found and put away at the end of the day.

Be Honest About Space Issues

When you’re organizing the playroom be honest, and realistic about how much space you really have. Take a look at the toys and throw out the ones that are broken or rarely used. This will help you to maximize the space and make room for the toys your children love.

80/20 Rule

Consider this: the more your children have to play with, the less they play with. If you have a surplus of toys, you can pretty much guarantee that your child will play with maybe half of them, or even less. Keep it simple and try to reduce the load you have. And, if your toy room is not organized, that cuts down on what they play with as well. For the most part, if they’re not playing with a toy, consider donating or getting rid of it.

Keep It Simple

If the messy playroom stresses you out when you walk in, it’s likely to have the same affect on your child. So, be sure to organize the playroom each season by decluttering and getting rid of old, broken, or unused toys. Simplicity is best when it comes to a place your child can laugh, play, and let their imaginations run wild.

At the end of the day, kids will be kids and mess just comes with the territory. Hopefully, with these simple tips, you can help minimize the clutter in their playroom or area. Also, keep in mind a monthly cleaning to help you gain some of your precious time back. Get a free estimate on your home here.