7 Reasons Mom Needs a Clean House

Mom needs a clean houseAs a mom, you know jut how difficult having a clean house is with kids. Not to mention, trying to clean the house with them in it – is nearly impossible. Our darling kids seem to make a mess every time we turn around. Not to mention, once you get one room cleaned, it seems like they have destroyed another. Being a mom is tough, and cleaning is one of the not so glamorous parts of being a parent. There are many reasons mom needs a clean house, here are just a few.

Um, We Are Busy

It doesn’t matter if you are stay-at-home or a career woman, we all have hectic schedules. When you become a mom, a busy schedule is virtually unavoidable. As children age from babies to toddlers and school age, you end up having play dates, art classes, sports practices, etc. We literally become chauffeurs. If the kid’s schedules weren’t enough, we have to fit in cleaning, cooking, laundry, spending times with friends, spending time with our partners (they need our attention too!) and so forth… Just writing it out sounds exhausting. If there is a way to take one thing off your list of chores – do it!

It’s Not Our Favorite

We love to do a lot of things, play with the kids, have a date night, go to a movie… cleaning isn’t one of those things that we just LOVE to do. However, we do love a clean house. There is just something peaceful to coming home to a house without sticky surfaces and you can walk in your bare feet. Studies actually show that a clean home can decrease stress and lower fatigue. And it makes sense! Clutter and a visual reminder of things you need to do can been stressful.

Because, Wine.

Do we really need to explain this? If we are going to talk about favorite things to do, how about sitting back and reading a book with our favorite Pinot? Yes. Please.

We Deserve to Take a Break

As a mom, you work hard. Every single day. 24/7. Reward yourself for the hard work you do by hiring someone to ensure you have a clean house. You deserve it! After dinner is cooked, homework is helped, baths are done, you don’t need to be cleaning. Our health and a good night sleep is just as important as our kids. It is a frustrating way to end our day (or begin it!) so maybe we put down the broom.


It’s not just about making time for other chores, but other people. With everything from work to household chores, we miss out on quality time with the family. Swap cleaning time for more family time. Go for a hike with the kids or spend some quality time with your hunny. Whatever it is, we can agree that not having to clean, can free us up to spend time with those we love.

At the end of the day, all these are great reasons for you not to clean your house, but you still need it cleaned! That is where we come in to help. Spouses Cleaning Houses works with you and your schedule to come up with services that fit your budget and busy calendar. Remember that just because you are a mom, does not mean you have to do it all. Take time for yourself and remember that it is okay to seek outside help from time to time. Give yourself a much-deserved break!