Ultimate Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Home

Ultimate Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Home

Come springtime, most of us are eager to open the windows and soak in the sunshine. It’s also the time to clean out anything that remotely resembles winter with a little Spring cleaning. Since we’ve all been cooped up for months, many of us are more than ready to prep the house for better-weather days. But, there always seem to be a few items that we forget to clean, organize, or repair around the house. Luckily, we’ve made things easy with a few spring cleaning tips to remember this season.

Spring cleaning tips pantry

Pinterest-worth pantries all start with containers and labels. Containers also help to keep food fresh for longer.

What to Clean


Start by cleaning out the contents of the fridge, and storing everything in a cooler. After that, turn off the fridge and wipe down the inside with a mixture of 2 tablespoons baking soda and a quart of hot water. Finally, go over the door seals with warm water and mild dishwashing liquid. Also, check the expiration dates on the food and start pitching those old condiments out.

Windows and Blinds

Use a damp cloth to clean the window sills and blinds in each room. Then, use Windex to sharpen and shine glass windows. You can also remove the window screen and spray them down with a hose.

Blades of Ceiling Fans

We recommend getting an extendable duster that bends to a 90-degree angle for cleaning your ceiling fans. That way you don’t have to grab a ladder to clean high ceiling fans. Another great idea is to use an old pillowcase to avoid getting dust everywhere.


Use a microfiber or electrostatic cloth to clean underneath speakers, stereos, computers, DVD players, and TVs. And, be sure to wipe away from ventilation areas, so you don’t push the dust back in.

What to Organize

Spring cleaning tips closet

Closets can be overwhelming. Storage and organizers can help make it feel less cluttered.

Bedroom Closets

This can be a big task. If you have kids, this can be an even bigger task. That is why you need to stick to these simple rules:

  1. Declutter: Get rid of what you don’t wear, and what doesn’t fit.
  2. Store: Keep seasonal items in a bin, pull and rotate out when necessary.
  3. Organize: Group similar things. Shoes, scarves, sweaters, etc.

Pro Tip: Ditch the wire hangers as they can damage your clothes and leave them misshapen over time.

Kitchen Pantry

If you dream of that perfect Pinterest-worthy pantry, start by throwing out old or unused items. Then organize your pantry so most used items are at eye level, least used items are down below and barely used at all are up top. Also, consider using containers and labels to help give the look of ultimate organization.

Bathroom / Linen Closet

Start by disposing of old and expired sunscreens, toothbrushes, makeup, nail polish, hair-care products, and medicine. With what is left, delegate where items will go. For example, put towels on two shelves about eye level, put linens up top, and put bathroom supplies in label baskets that are easy to reach.

What to Repair/ Maintain

There are some things you only need to do or inspect a few times a year. These are items that can either cost more or just aren’t high maintenance. Here is a list of items to consider cleaning. If you aren’t sure how to clean or don’t have the proper equipment, make sure to contact cleaning professionals.

  • Change smoke alarm batteries
  • Clean carpets
  • Clean air vents
  • Replace light bulbs
  • Reseal grout lines
  • Wax floors
  • Wash window screens

These are just some items to consider taking care of this Spring. There are a lot of dirty places in every home, so this time of year it’s good to have a clean start. If you are looking for help cleaning your home, contact us today or learn more about our services.