First-Time House Cleaning - Things To Consider

First-Time House Cleaning
If you are getting your first-time house cleaning, don’t worry about providing supplies. Spouses Cleaning Houses has everything we need to make sure the job is done right.


The professional cleaning teams of Spouses Cleaning Houses deliver excellent home cleaning service to compliment your specific requests. We take the time to listen and determine what the most appropriate services are for your needs. We have many clients that are getting their first-time house cleaning.

Prior to your service team’s first visit, we will discuss your cleaning requirements. This includes understanding:

  • Any prior cleaning service experiences you may have had (positive and negative),
  • The type and frequency of the cleaning you need,
  • Specific constraints or issues we need to be aware of, and
  • Any other relevant topics that will help ensure we provide you excellent service.


During our first visit, we will focus on getting rid of existing dirt and setting a standard of cleanliness you can expect from each visit. During subsequent visits, we will strive to maintain a fresh and sparkling clean home. At all times, we welcome and encourage your feedback to help ensure the cleaning team is meeting your expectations.

Questions You Might Have

While we have a list of frequently asked questions, here are some additional first-time inquiries we commonly get:

Should I do any prep-work or cleaning beforehand?

It really depends on exactly what you are getting done. We do recommend that you declutter as much as possible, because less time we spend picking up, the more time we have to clean. That being said, we don’t judge. If you need us to pick up, we will. We do recommend that is you have a fragile and irreplaceable heirloom, you put it away. If you aren’t able to put it away, please make sure we are aware so we can be extra careful around that item.

Should I be home? How about my pets?

We aren’t going to kick you out of your house, but we do work much faster and efficiently when we can go from room to room without disturbing anyone. As far as pets go, please let us know what pets will be in the house. Some of our clients schedule to take their dogs with them or put their cats in a backroom so they don’t get out. Either way, let us know.

Do I need to provide cleaning supplies?

No. We do ask that you have garbage bags on hand, so we can take out any trash. Other than that, no supplies are needed. Unless you have specific brands or types of cleaners you would prefer, we provide all cleaning supplies. We are familiar with our products and know better to mix certain chemicals with each other. If you have any further questions or would like to know specifics about our supplies, contact us today.

These are just some questions to help you through your first-time house cleaning. Remember cleaning can be a form of stress relief. If there is anything else we can help you with, make sure to mention it to us during our initial phone conversation.